An Award Winning Dancer and Oil Painter.

Saphire is an internationally renowned performer with an elegant, mesmerizing and passionate style. She has performed as a special "Guest Star from USA" at the famous European "Dance of the Orient Festival" in Hannover, Germany, and at the Fatim Serins Gala show in Saabrucken, Germany where she received great reviews. Saphire has appeared as a guest star on the Univision Channel as well as other shows.

In Egypt, in the mother land of this ancient dance, Saphire has attended the biggest dance festival hosted by Raqia Hassan and performed at the Ramsis Hilton Hotel in Cairo. Her international exposure has deeply broadened her awareness of the different Oriental styles and profoundly enhanced her artistic presentation, techniques and choreography.

Saphire has studied Classical Egyptian dance for over 15 years in Los Angeles, San Diego and Egypt. Her teachers include Valerie, Meleah and Nina Sahar. She also has a strong ballet background and studied Hawaiian and Polynesian dance.

Originally from San Diego, California, Saphire has traveled abroad seeking the wisdom and education of many cultures. At age 10, she attended a Catholic boarding school in Attendorn, Germany where she learned German. At age 14, she went to high school in Geneva, Switzerland for 3 years where she learned French. She also lived in Florence, Italy where she studied Italian and attended ballet and painting classes. Saphire is a multi- talented Artist who speaks 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. After her education journey, she returned home to attend the University of San Diego where she earned a bachelor's degree in French and Psychology and minored in Business Administration. After graduating she taught English and German at the International School of Languages as well as English at ELS Language School in San Diego, California, for 8 years.

Saphire has entered beauty contests where she won the "Miss Petite Southern California" title in l994 and tied "Miss Petite International" in 1995 in San Francisco, California.

In 1999 she moved to Beverly Hills, California to attend the Lee Strassberg Acting School. However, her passion has always been dance. Saphire immersed herself in private dance lessons and workshops from master teachers like Fahtiem, Jillina, Mesmera and the Egyptian star Dina, who helped elevate her techniques, skills and performances to higher levels. Saphire is also a dance instructor who holds ongoing classes and private coaching. She has danced several times for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia during their visits to California. She continues to perform at numerous prestigious places, night clubs, theaters and festivals in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.

She is also an accomplished oil painter, and has organized unveilings of her paintings in California.

Saphire is an award winning dancer in the "Belly Dance of the Universe Competition" in the Egyptian category in 2000 and 2001. She also won the "People's Choice" award in 2001, an award she's especially proud of since it's based upon the audience's direct appreciation.

Passionately and deeply respectful about the heritage of her art, Saphire upholds its integrity and traditions by interpreting the dance with elegance and gracefulness.
She is a beautiful combination of charm, pulsating energy and riveting stage presence with great technique. Her core style is feminine, delicate, percussive and dynamic. Saphire's eyes and smile exude her deep love and passion for the ancient art of dance.

Her unique combination of talent, artistry and life experiences put her in a league of her own.