international superstar dancer
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Saphire "Princess of Cairo"
Oasis Dance Concert - St. Petersburg, Russia
Saphire "Unveiled"
Oasis Dance Festival - St. Petersburg, Russia
Saphire "Habibi"
World of Orient Show - Hannover, Germany
Saphire "Dance of Orient"
Gala Show - Hannover, Germany
Saphire "Golden Dancer"
La Jolla Dance Concert - La Jolla, CA
Saphire "Nostalgia"
One Enchanted Evening Dance Show - San Diego, CA
Saphire "Emerald Nile"
Trilussa Show 1 (Club) - Beverly Hills, CA
Saphire "Egyptian Pop"
Trilussa Show 2 (Club) - Beverly Hills, CA
Saphire "Modern Egyptian"
Trilussa Show 3 (Club) - Beverly Hills, CA
Saphire "Intrigue"
Oriental Egyptian Dance - Hollywood, CA